GASPOL Team - Sky is not the limit!



The biggest successes


2011 - 1st position, 27th Polish Balloon Championship, Leszno
2013 - 3rd position, 29th Polish Balloon Championship, Nałęczów
2015 - 3rd position, 24th Leszno Balloon Cup, Leszno
2016 - 1st position, 4th Paczków Aeropicnic, Paczków
2016 - 2nd position, 16th Włocławek International Balloon Championship, Włocławek
2017 – 1st position, 17th Włocławek Balloon Competition

Two-time winner of Polish Balloon Cup (2011, 2016), 2nd place in general rankings of Polish Cup (2015), winner in general rankings of Polish Cup’s pilots (2016).


Europe / International

2009 – 2nd position, 4th European Union Cup – “The skies of open Europe”, Krakow (Poland)
2010 – 28th position, 19th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship, Debrecen (Hungary)
2013 – 3rd position, 18th European Balloon Cup, Mainfonds (France)
2016 – 18th position, European Hot Air Balloons Cup, Mainfonds (France)
2017 – 2nd position, Central European Balloon Cup, Szeged (Hungary)