GASPOL Team - Sky is not the limit!


Dominik Iwański

Date of birth: 3rd April, 1989

Function: 2nd pilot, navigator air/ground (co-pilot), IT, head od the ground crew, driver

I fly with GASPOL Team since: 2009


My experience in hot-air ballooning: For years, together with my brother Arek Iwański and our father Dariusz Iwański, I have been following my passion by taking part in hot-air balloon events – competitions and air shows. Since 2017 I’m a pilot as well.

Hot-air ballooning attracts me with: Thanks to it, I have experienced many fantastic things, seen lots of beautiful views and visited numerous places, both in Poland and throughout Europe.

My favourite flying spot: I have no such place. Flying in a hot-air balloon means that virtually every flight offers new impressions and spectacular views.


I’d love to fly in a hot-air balloon over: Every continent of the world. My dream connected with hot-air ballooning: Win the World Cup and take part in the biggest ballooning fiesta in Albuquerque.


My biggest success in hot-air ballooning: My success is being a part of Arek’s team, and since 2009 – the GASPOL Team, which gave me few-year experience in Polish national team, winning the National Championships in 2011 and Polish Cup few times. Also as a Co-pilot in the GASPOL Team, together with my Dad, I took part in three events, finishing two of them at very high positions in Top 10 – 8th place in Włocławek and 7th place in heavily defended Leszno.

My best and worst moment in hot-air ballooning: There were few such best moments, including the first trip to hot-air ballooning World Championships – but truly the best of them was the fact that I helped Arek to win the Polish Championships in 2011. The worst moments are those, when we don’t achieve the objective set, which is always the first place on a podium.


My other hobbies: There are so many, including snowboarding and windsurfing. The second place in my heart is occupied by motorization. I have always dreamt of competing in car races, but I can’t do everything at once.


I’m inspired by: Success. Every day I wake up and persistently strive to achieve my goals – both distant and everyday ones. I believe that you can reach the big success only with small steps.